Our story

Gohobi is a London based handcrafted homeware and lifestyle brand,
inspired by Asian ceramic art and history. We collaborate directly with
artists, producers and farmers to redefine tea culture, bringing the
best of East Asia to Europe. We organise tea ceremonies, ikebana and
other cultural workshops, celebrating diversity, the local community and
promoting wellness.

  • Durability

    We want to provide better quality products that can be used for a
    long time.

  • Wellbeing

    We want to promote wellbeing through our art and culture

  • Inclusive

    We want to celebrate diversity and create a space for people from
    different social or economic backgrounds. We try our best to find
    the balance between quality and price to ensure it is available to

  • Openness

    We source our product directly so the customer knows where the
    product comes from and is made.