Our Sustainability Values

Creating Everlasting Gifts

We deeply appreciate the importance of gift-giving. It's about combining quality and usefulness, making gifts both sustainable and meaningful. This reflects a core value of our brand: the enduring spirit of gratitude and joy. Our goal is for every Gohobi gift to be like a timeless masterpiece.

Packing material

Crafted from recyclable material, this paper not only provides excellent cushioning but also enhances packaging efficiency. It's our eco-friendly companion for wrapping heartfelt gifts.

These environmentally friendly materials, made from non-GMO cornstarch, are 100% biodegradable and compostable. They easily decompose in soil, leaving minimal impact on our planet.


About recycling a big bunch of packaging materials...

Through 'First Mile',  sustainable packaging recycling service, we achieve an 80% waste recycling rate. We are committed to creating a cleaner and more sustainable urban environment by effectively recycling reusable resources and supporting local small-scale enterprises striving for sustainability.

Supply and Transportation

  • Carrier Selection: Utilizing Royal Mail's "feet on the street" postal network, we are associated with the lowest carbon emission parcel carrier. We also reduce shipment carbon footprint through centralized collection plans on Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Maritime Transport: Practicing green logistics, over 80% of our shipments are carried out via sea transport, effectively reducing the high carbon emissions associated with air transport.
  • Direct Sourcing: By directly purchasing from producers, we significantly reduce freight costs and intermediary exploitation. Over 80% of our products are sourced directly from producers, allowing consumers to trace their origins.

Business Model

"Discover the aesthetic from the Oriental realms, choose timeless home products, elevate consumer quality of life, and consciously opt for environmentally friendly products." 


  • Consumer Communication

Each of Gohobi's products is unique, and thus, we actively showcase physical product photos online to enable customers to choose products that best suit their needs, reducing the likelihood of dissatisfaction and returns and practicing carbon reduction actions in transportation.

  • Unique Products: We prioritize design and craftsmanship over trends.
  • Target Return Rate: Below 1% of total sales orders.
  • Minimalist Consumption: Before making a purchase, understanding genuine needs is encouraged. Gohobi advocates for minimalist consumption—buying less but better.

For us, expanding consumer demographics and maximizing sales volume are not the goals. Therefore, we minimize marketing budgets and focus on promoting the core sustainable values of our brand.


Towards a Social Enterprise Mission


Gohobi's strategies directly support the United Nations' vision of sustainable economic growth. By adopting recyclable packaging materials, resource recycling processes, and low-carbon emission transportation methods, we actively promote responsible consumption and production, committed to environmental friendliness while enhancing the quality of life.

Moreover, our procurement strategy emphasizes direct cooperation with producers, not only reducing intermediary costs but also helping increase producers' earnings. This approach supports small enterprises and individual artisans, contributing to narrowing domestic and international inequalities.

In reducing inequalities, we bring carefully curated Oriental products to the international market, promoting cultural exchange and providing more opportunities for London's immigrant communities. This diverse cultural exchange not only fosters inclusivity but also facilitates understanding and cooperation internationally.

Finally, Gohobi will continue to refine sustainable packaging, resource recycling, reduce air freight proportions, and direct procurement strategies, ensuring that our production and consumption operate in sustainable modes. We are committed to providing recyclable, reusable packaging materials. Gohobi advocates for a philosophy of minimalism and aims to select the most suitable and heartfelt products, striving to become a social enterprise in practice.